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Introduction to ACI-Malaysia:

American Concrete Institute Malaysia (ACI-Malaysia) Chapter is a non-profit technical and educational society representing ACI Global in Malaysia, which is one of the world’s leading authorities on concrete technology. Our members are not confined to just engineers; in fact, our invitation is extended to educators, architects, consultants, corporate, contractors, suppliers and leading experts in concrete related field. The purpose of this Chapter is to further the chartered objectives for which the ACI was organized; to further education and technical practice, scientific investigation,- and research by organizing the efforts of its members for a nonprofit, public service in gathering, correlating, and disseminating information for the improvement of the design, construction, manufacture, use and maintenance of concrete products and structures. This Chapter is accordingly organized and shall be operated exclusively for educational and scientific purposes.

Objectives of ACI-Malaysia:

  1. ACI is a non-profitable technical and educational society formed with the primary intention of providing more in-depth knowledge and information pertaining to the best possible usage of concrete.

  2. To be a leader and to be recognized as one of Malaysia’s top societies specializing in the field of concrete technology by maintaining a high standard of professional and technical ability supported by committee members comprising of educators, professionals and experts.

  3. Willingness of each individual member/organization to continually share, train and impart his or her experience and knowledge acquired to the benefit of the public at large.

Benefits to Members:

  1. Individuals, professionals, corporate, students can interact and widen their networking.

  2. A one-stop centre where educators & members can contribute their areas of expertise by sharing and presenting topics related to concrete technology at seminars organized by ACI on a monthly basis.

  3. ACI can assist members to resolve technical issues, seek professional assistance and even development of solution to their existing problems.

  4. Individual or corporate members can send their employees to attend monthly seminars organized by ACI to learn and re-learn any topics that relate to concrete technology and to improve their technical knowledge which will assist in their work to reduce and avoid any reworks and repairs.

  5. Participate in monthly seminars at an affordable price.

  6. Our institution will organize hands-on trainings which will benefit any intellectuals or fresh graduates and prepare them for work in the real work environment.

  7. An institution where members can contribute to our proposed monthly bulletins to keep our members informed of what is new in the concrete industry and the latest developments and innovations around the world. Our upcoming website will keep you informed and updated on what is coming along the concrete technology pipelines.

  8. Corporate members will enjoy the benefits of being able to pick and recruit fresh graduates from the large pool of student members.

  9. ACI Library where members can source information on articles published, gain access to technical literatures and related topics pertaining to the concrete industry.

We look forward to your kind support and, more importantly, to your participation and registration as a member of ACI-Malaysia. It is our firm belief your involvement and together with your commitments will go a long way in our quest to uphold all our objectives to mutually benefits for all members. 

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