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President: Mr. Martin Gerard Joachim David (Adept Technical Services)
Secretary: Prof. Dr. Hamidah Mohd. Saman (UiTM)
Treasurer: Mr. Chris Yong (Real Point Sdn. Bhd.)
Board of Director I: Mr. Zack Lim (ZackLim Flat Floor Specialist)
Board of Director II: Mr. Mike W. P. Lim (Omya Malaysia)
Immediate Past President: Dr. Sudharshan N. Raman (UKM)

Executive Committee Members: 

Mr. Oscar R.H. Teng (LUXBEE ENTERPRISE Sdn. Bhd.)

Dr. Shobana Sivanendran (Creador Foundation)

Mr. Yong Zheng Jie (Smith) (MAPEI Malaysia Sdn. Bhd.)

Mr. Kathiravan Subramaniam (JKS Repairs Sdn. Bhd.)

Mr. Peter Ong (Maha Chemicals Sdn Bhd)

Mr. James Lim (CRT Specialist (M) Sdn Bhd)

Mr. Eric L. S. Soong (Master Materials Manufacturing Sdn Bhd)

Mr. David Tee (Best Crete (M) Sdn Bhd)

Mr. Alex Yap (Master Builders Solutions Sdn Bhd)

Mr. Robert Yong (Structural Repairs (M) Sdn Bhd)

Dr. A.B.M. Amrul Kaish (UKM)

Ms. Ho Chia Yu (Hume Cement Sdn Bhd)

Ir. Parnam Singh (RNC Repair Specialist Sdn Bhd)

Mr. Ng Kok Seng (Consultant)

Biography of Executive Committee Members

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Mr. Martin David is the founding Director of Adept Technical Services Sdn Bhd since 2004. He has been involved in the Building Industry for more than 30 years.

In the first 10 years of his career, he was a Site Technical Officer in a leading Architectural firm in Penang. He then spent 2 years overseas in Mauritius as a Construction Manager for a Malaysian construction company, building a Malaysian-owned 5-star hotel. Upon his return to Malaysia, he rejoined the architectural firm which he was previously working for in Penang. He worked there as a Project Manager for another 3 years managing mainly the construction of industrial buildings.

Soon after this, he was offered a managerial position in the sales team of one of the largest worldwide construction chemical company and spent another 8 years there.

After years of experience in the building industry and specialist construction chemical field, he decided to set up his own company, which he runs until today. With his vast knowledge and experience he gives good and helpful advice in areas of industrial flooring, waterproofing and concrete repair.

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She obtained her Bachelor in Civil Engineering Degree in 1988 from the University of Miami, Coral Gables, United States of America (USA). She worked as a Researcher in SIRIM Berhad from 1992 before furthered her study in University of New South Wales, Sydney, Australia and obtained her Ph.D in Civil Engineering in 1999. She joined Universiti Teknologi MARA (UiTM) in 2000 as a Lecturer and was promoted to Associate Professor in 2007. Her active involvement in professional bodies is portrayed by her designation as a Secretary of Concrete Society of Malaysia (CSM) for seven (7) sessions, Treasurer of American Concrete Institute Kuala Lumpur Chapter and Council Member of Confederation of Scientific and Technological Associations in Malaysia (COSTAM). Based on her expertise, she has been appointed as a Chief Editor for Scientific Research Journal (UiTM), a member of editorial board for Malaysian Construction Research Journal (CREAM-CIDB), The Institution of Engineers Malaysia (IEM) Journal, Journal of Engineering Science & Technology (JESTEC) and International Sustainable Construction Journal co-published by UTHM-Concrete Society of Malaysia (CSM). During her service as academic member in UiTM, she has published more than 300 papers in journals and conference proceedings at international and national levels in area of durability in concrete, lightweight concrete, high performance concrete and bio-concrete, international construction, strengthening and repair materials for concrete structures using non-corrodible materials. Nano, bio-concrete and high resistance cement materials to fire are the new area of her interest. She actively involved in research and consultation works and was granted totaling more than RM 1 million for the last five years of research grant from government agencies and industries. At present, she is supervising eighteen Ph.D students and eight of them have graduated. She was promoted to full Professor in 2015.

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Started my career as a sales executive in concrete admixture in 1997. With more than 20 years of experience in technical sales and operation for concrete admixture. Over the 20 years of experience manage to start 2 admixture factories in Malaysia. I have been involved in numerous projects such as Terengganu Water Barrage, Pantai STP, Hulu Terengganu Hydro Power, MRT Package 5 and many more. Currently in charge of local and international sales of concrete admixture.


DR. ZACK LIM (Past President)

Board of Director I/ Head Technical Committee

Lim Eng Hock (Zack) earned his bachelor degree as a production engineer from The City University (London) in year 1981. He worked for 6 years in the construction industry before setting up his own company specialized in building factories and warehouses. Having conducted over 50 seminars and workshops, he was certified as a Trainer by Human Resources Development Fund (HRDF) in July 2016.

Zack introduced Superflat Floor in Malaysia in year 1998 by importing technology from Australia when he was awarded to build the Nestle Distribution Centre as a main contractor. In year 2000, Zacklim Flat Floor Specialist was incorporated to venture into specializing in the construction of super flat floors which Asia lacks and later having achieved building floors of world class standards. Over 33 years in construction, he has amassed great experience and gained international recognition having constructed industrial flooring jobs in Asia. He has been actively involved in working with and advising young engineers, contractors & ready-mixed suppliers and extolling the virtues of best practices of concrete flooring construction.

He was Immediate Past President of American Concrete Institute (ACI) Kuala Lumpur Chapter and had organized seminars, networking sessions to develop the standard of concrete construction and related trades not only in Malaysia but also in Asia.

He is the founding member of Concrete Floors Asia (CFA) consisting 11 international professional members with the objective of delivering best practices in floor construction and to promote world class standard floors in Asia.

He is the Vice President of Concrete Society of Malaysia (CSM) and also a council member of Asian Concrete Construction Institute (ACCI) with objective to foster regional integration for the concrete and construction fraternity and to promote excellence in the industry through pooling of information, seminars, talks and technical visits and also to provide a communication channel for government of the region to solicit advice on construction related matters.

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Board of Director II/ 

Mike Lim has long experiences in raw materials supply to many industry such as Ceramic, Glass, Animal Feed, Road Marking, Asphaltic Premix and Oil & Gas, as well as many parts of Construction Industry – Plaster/Render, Tile Adhesives, Coatings and Concrete Industry. Has vast technical know-how to introduce Innovative use of latest raw materials.

Have Tertiary Education in Computer Science, UK. Started in Granite Quarry Industry for 5 years. Then went in and currently still in the Calcium Carbonate/Limestone Industry for 22 years, Specialize in Construction Segment for Omya Malaysia Sdn Bhd as Sales Manager.



Immediate Past President/ Advisor Media Committee

Dr. Sudharshan N. Raman, MASCE, MACI; is a civil engineer by training, specializing in structural and materials engineering. At present, he is a Senior Lecturer at the Faculty of Engineering and Built Environment of The National University of Malaysia (Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia, UKM). He is also serving as a Committee Member of the Civil & Structural Engineering Technical Division of the Institution of Engineers, Malaysia (IEM), and as a Committee Member of the Kuala Lumpur Chapter of American Concrete Institute (ACI). Dr. Raman completed his PhD at The University of Melbourne in 2011, specializing in structural engineering/protective technologies. He has been involved with several consultancy work in the area of infrastructure protective technologies, within the public and private sectors both locally and internationally. He has published extensively and has been invited as a reviewer by major journals in the field of structural and materials engineering. Dr. Raman has taught structures and construction related courses at UKM, University of Malaya, and Open University Malaysia for the past 13 years. Prior to joining the academia in 2002, he was in employment with an engineering design consultant, and a specialist prestressed concrete contractor.

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IR. PARNAM SINGH (Past President)

Advisor Technical Committee

Ir. Parnam Singh is a registered Professional Civil Engineer with the Board of Engineers Malaysia and a Corporate Member of the Institution of Engineers Malaysia. He has more than 30 years of experience in the assessment and repair of concrete structures, and published more than 40 technical papers which was presented at national and international seminars and conference. He's also the past president of ACI Malaysia. During his career at RNC, he led a team of managers and engineers specializing in structural assessment and rehabilitation technology.

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IR. NG KOK SENG (Past President)

Advisor Technical Committee

A professional engineer who had served in various capacities for almost 38 years in the Department of Irrigation and Drainage (DID), Malaysia, before retiring in June 2018. Prior to his retirement, he was the Director of the River Basin Management Division and Design and Dam Division. Ir Ng has vast experience in planning, design, and management of project implementation and construction works related to flood mitigation, urban drainage, river works and agriculture irrigation/drainage projects including several years of involvement in the repair/rehabilitation of hydraulic structures. During his tenure in DID, he was posted to various offices including the Kuala Lumpur Flood Mitigation Project, North-west Selangor Integrated Agriculture Development Project, Malaysia Agriculture Parks (Shah Alam), DID Terengganu, Specialist Services Division, Bakun Dam, (Sarawak Hydro Sdn Bhd), River Basin Management Division and The Design and Dam Division. Ir. Ng was the former President of ACI KL Chapter for the term 2010/2012.



Head Media Committee

Mr. Oscar is a specialist in concrete/cementatious decorative and facade mixture. To be specific, Mr. Oscar focuses on Glass Fibre Reinforced Concrete (GFRC) and other light weight concrete facade. Graduated from Monash University in Bach. Civil and Environmental Engineering, his goal is always to create concrete that can beautify the current dull concrete jungle of city life. With 5 years of experiences in Concrete Facade industry, he has managed to assist in designing concrete facade at not only on private buildings that include but not limited to bungalows and condominiums, but also commercial buildings like arches on KL-Selangor Boundary and also decorative item of commercial factories.

On the other hand, Mr. Oscar is also a consultant on construction contract dispute which assist contractors on claiming issues.

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Head Event Committee

Eric obtained his Bachelor and Masters in Engineering in Australia in the year 2006 and 2012. He spent some 6 years in environmental engineering consulting in Australia where he gained significant experience in playing leading technical roles in many major complex engineering and environmental projects. On returning to Malaysia in 2013, Eric took on a leading role in managing and leading the technical advisory support to the Sales and Marketing Team in the decorative concrete industry. Over the last 5 years, Eric has worked proactively with the manufacturing arm to explore environmentally friendly decorative concrete paving products.

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Head Funding Committee

Mr. Robert is currently the Managing Director of Structural Repairs (M) Sdn Bhd, as well as a committee member of ACI Malaysia.

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Media Committee

Shobana graduated with a First Class Honours in Civil Engineering from the University of Melbourne. She also holds a PhD in Engineering from the University of Cambridge that was funded by the Gates Cambridge Trust. Her PhD looked at the effects of moisture on concrete reinforced with pre-stressed carbon fibre reinforced polymer (CFRP) rods. Shobana has presented her research at conferences in Denmark, the United Kingdom, China, Japan and Malaysia. She started her career as an R&D Consultant with KPMG in Melbourne, Australia, and is now a Programme Manager at a Malaysian non-profit organisation.

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Media Committee

James Lim completed his degree in Civil Engineering from the University of Auckland in 1996. He started his career as a structural engineer with a consultancy firm and subsequently developed his interests in concrete repair and waterproofing. He then went on to work for companies such as Hilti, MC Bauchemie and Fosroc in product sales and specification work. In 2002, he obtained his Executive MBA from the University of Bath UK. In 2005, he ventured out from the corporate world to start his own specialist contracting company specializing in concrete repair and waterproofing servicing the construction industry in Malaysia.

He specializes in the repair of cracks in concrete elements by method of injection. He has helped many contractors resolve their troubled leaks with specialized application. In addition, he also has vast interests in basement and roof slab waterproofing system especially in the spray polyurea lining system. His recent experiences include KVMRT Line 1 and KVMRT Line 2 underground station waterproofing work.



Media Committee

Obtained his Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering in 2008 from Chittagong University of University & Technology, Bangladesh. He started his career in a construction company and later he moved to Housing & Building Research Institute (HBRI), Bangladesh as a Research Fellow for 2 years. He received his Ph.D. in Civil & Structural Engineering from the Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM) in 2015. This was followed by a post-doctoral fellowship at the same institute for 1 year. Dr. Kaish Joined Infrastructure University Kuala Lumpur (IUKL) in 2016 as a Lecturer of Structural Engineering. He has authored and co- authored over 50 publications in prestigious scholarly journals and conferences in the area of high performance cementitious composites, repair and strengthening of concrete structures and alternative materials for concrete. His current research focuses on the advanced cement-based composites for structural strengthening. He is also a reviewer of several prestigious international journals published by Elsevier, Techno press, MDPI, Springer, etc. He has advised 1 Ph.D. and 3 Masters Students so far. Currently, he is serving IUKL as Head of Postgraduate Programme (HOPP) in the department of Civil Engineering.

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Event Committee

Mr. Alex Yap graduated with degree in Bachelor (Hons) Civil Engineering and started off his career as a project engineer in the Heavy industries. He is now specialized in concrete admixture and also the lead for MBSM Precast and Underground segment with experience of various mega project from high rise building, Infrastructure to Hydropower project in Malaysia as well as concrete related research projects. Currently, Mr. Alex is the executive committee member of ACI Malaysia and associate’s member of MBAM.

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Committee Member

Mr. Kathiravan Subramaniam is the Founding Director of JKS Repairs Sdn. Bhd. He earned his Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) from University of Sains Malaysia. He has over 25 years of experience in the Construction Industry particularly in Concrete Repair and Protection System, Instrumentation and Monitoring and NDT methods for Structural Inspection. He began his carrier as a quarry engineer and gradually gained more experience in various concrete fields such as cement manufacturing, ready-mixed concrete and precast concrete product manufacturing. He has also been intimately involved in concrete technology and specialized concrete mix design developments for major projects in Malaysia. He spent several years with leading multinational construction chemical companies as Technical Manager where he received practical training in concrete technology and formal training in the concrete repair and injection fields.